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    Architecture & Development
    Architecture & Development
    Modular Design & Integation
    We see Enterprise as a network of modules
    operating data through secure access flow
    connecting all Enterprise users and
    Departments into cohesive integrated
    information space allowing increased
    efficiency and productivity.
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    Architecture & Development
    Systems & Data Integration
    Flexible API & Web Services
    We see Enterprise as a source of Data stored
    in different systems where People & Processes
    & Data interact as one cohesive environment.
    We put Master Data into topmost priority
    making data flow securely managed by Users at
    different access levels and provisioned by
    Integrated API & Web Services environment.
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    Architecture & Development
    Legacy Applications Support
    Maintenance & Migration
    We see Enterprise as an ever evolving
    technological framework where some
    applications live in legacy state and others
    are build using high-end technologies. We
    provide full maintenance & migration for
    legacy applications using latest
    methodologies and tools.
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    Architecture & Development
    Web Development
    Enterprise Portal Solutions
    We see Enterprise Portal as a main point of
    interaction between Customers and Company. We
    provide full analysis, architecture and
    design enabling Customer Services &
    Experience through data leverage of
    integrated Company Resources.

Architecture & Development

Exceptional quality architecture, development, integration and consulting services.

Systems & Data Integration

High-end integration services for data and applications using industry standard methodologies and tools

Legacy Applications Support

Migration and maintenance of legacy systems in variety of languages and platforms

Web Development

Web Design & Enterprise Portals Development using different platforms, frameworks and tools
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